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  Venue Introduction
Venue Introduction
    Dongguan Science and Technology Museum (DGSTM)  is opened on December 28, 2005, located in Dongguan City Center District, new city administration culture square, covers an area of 40,000 square meters, construction area 40,000 square meters, exhibition area 12,000 square meters, a total investment of 300 millions Yuan. DGSTM has more than 300 sets of exhibits, 90% are interactive exhibits, 80% are innovation exhibits. DGSTM in 2009, won the "National Popular Science Education Station" honorary title. In 2011 it successfully applied as a national 4A tourist attraction site. It is the first Chinese science museum which has a Dongguan characteristic.
    DGSTM has 2 main themes, manufacturing technology and new information systems. And at the same time it has 3 sub-themes, education technology, internet museum and video world. The museum also has an IMAX cinema and a 4D motion theater. It can show blockbuster European and Untied States science and other movies together with the world other major cinemas.

    For more than six years, our museum has up hold the directives: "Exhibits are the base" and "Education is the soul" to arouse the public’s interest in science. We follow the idea, “adore science, practice innovation; provide quality service and quality workmanship. We keep on improving our exhibits and science education with considerable result.
    Our museum has more than 2.4 million tourist trips since it was opened. It has staged science shows competition, children exhibit guide program, youth innovation competition, technology class, science show, innovation forum etc. We have been working hard to promote our children exhibit guide program and science show to be our brand name events and have a profound impact in the community. Our museum is also very keen on strengthening international exchanges. We have staged “Green Campus Movement”, 2011 GSCA movie (Asia) Expo. These have enhanced our international profile.
    In order to further improve our management system, our museum has introduced “Balance Score Card” management procedure in early 2009. It helps to clarify work responsibility of all our staffs significantly and propel our various projects smoothly forward.  We actively develop strategic cooperation between museum and schools so as to more fully use our science and technology education resources.
    Dongguan science and Technology Museum is a vibrant organization, all our staffs are committed to promote DSGTM to be a first class international Theme Science Technology Museum.


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